“She liked the word ineffable because it meant a feeling so big or vast that it could not be expressed in words.

And yet, because it could not be expressed in words, people had invented a word to express it, and that made Liesl feel hopeful, somehow.”
~ Lauren Oliver



“You may control a mad elephant; You may shut the mouth of the bear and the tiger; Ride the lion and play with the cobra;…

You may wander through the universe incognito; Make vassals of the gods; be ever youthful;…But control of the mind is better and more difficult.”

~ Paramahansa Yogananda



“On a day no different than the one now dawning, Shakespeare sat down and started Hamlet, Leonardo stepped to an easel and made the first strokes of the Mona Lisa, and Beethoven took out a sketch book and began the Ninth Symphony.”

~ Robert Richardson